Vacancy: a lingering Christmas thought

by Stef van Beek


Occasion: At Christmas time we celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest visionary philosophers ever. Regretfully, he himself hasn’t been present for many years now. But I don’t think it matters that much to him, because substitutes will always appear to ventilate similar messages into this world, right?

Vision: Jesus, Ghandi and other seers understood the essence of religion: the reconnection of yourself with the source of existence, with the primal energy that some of us call God. This primal energy, which I like to call LOVE, is omnipresent: in everything and in everyone. According to all the religious and spiritual visions I know, we and the rest of the world we live in, are created by this primal energy and therefore everything and everyone is a part of this divine energy or love.

So the meaning and purpose of religion is the reconnection to the love that created us and the rest of creation. That doesn’t mean that we should only reconnect ourselves to the abstract image of God that was created for us, but also to the tangible creation, which is divine too. Nor should we limit ourselves to the easy reconnections, like with our own continent, with our own nation, with our friends and with our own families. Instead we should reconnect ourselves with everything and everyone and primarily with our own heart. Respect and love for ourselves, for all life forms and for the material world around us, that’s true religion. I believe that’s the vision Jesus wanted to spread.

Now, after two millennia, we are in contact with a large part of the world, through travelling, through mass media communications, through world news and through trade. So now we should connect this essence of religion to the global society. I’m talking about the globalization of interconnection, the globalization of love. And to that I would like to contribute.

It is very well possible this kind of religious and spiritual visions are not your cup of tea, and that you prefer following a scientific vision, because it seems more logical. Eve then you should acknowledge that that everyone and everything on Earth derives from the primal energy, the Sun. The potential energy that is stored inside of us and inside of other parts of  nature, is constantly being replenished by the Sun, directly and indirectly.

It is not necessary and sometimes even harmful, to store big quantities of energy. A human body for example, would only get fatter and less healthy. Another human being, who receives too little indirect solar energy as a consequence of the abundance of the other, will get too skinny. So we should share the potential energy we have with others in order to keep ourselves healthy and to make effective use of the available energy, instead of holding on to it. The world will be more efficient and healthier if the potential energy is being used in a way that it flows to the place where there is the greatest need for it, so self-regulating energetic processes can end the dependency on this external energy.

If you believe the way of the world isn’t determined by science but by economic rules, the same insights still apply. The storage of potential energy is of course the very same thing as the storage of already or not yet consumed money.

Money that is growing in your bank-account is useless as long as you don’t spend it. A fourth, fifth and sixth swimming pool in your garden, will contribute in a progressively lesser degree, to your happiness. And if you store your money in your ever fattening bum through excessive comsumption, it is even damaging your health. Too much of a thing is good for nothing, while a severe shortage of means is harmful too.

Extreme concentrations of money held by few people as in the Third World, on the one hand results in deep poverty for the vast majority of the people, and on the other hand doesn’t result in great happiness for the few extreme wealthy ones. A rich man in this context will need to spend lots of money for the protection of his possessions. If one would express in money the worries, the stress, the financial costs of retaining his wealth, the lack of free time, the lack of real friends and the lack of love, he wouldn’t be that rich at all. The superabundance of his material wealth is very expensive, you could say.

If he would invest his money in the people who live around him, so that they can develop little businesses, at least he would be much better liked. The wealth-level in this region would rise and so more people could buy the product of this rich man. In each and every way his wealth would grow eventually.

Vacancy: After the explanation of this company’s vision, I finally get to my call for co-operators. I’m looking for volunteers (profits will be shared equally) who wish to work on the globalization of love and interconnection, of the sharing of potential energy and of investment in our fellow-man/woman. Everyone has got something to give, just not everyone knows in what way they can share and want to share their love with others. There are many vacancies, so take your time to think about it. In the meantime I wish you a lovely new year with lots of new insights and opportunities.

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© Stef van Beek. Utrecht, 27th of December 2005.