Remarkable quotes


Followers of fashion don't change when fashion changes.

They will always be the same.

In order to start doing, you don't have to stop being

Life is a journey and you are its destiny.

Don't make the chain <-> don't break the chain

Chains are fiction

What you can buy is less valuable than what you can't buy.

Things that are for free are more valuable than things that cost money.

Desire is less valuable than reality.

We are travelling souls having a human experience.

We are all playing a game: life.

You should hear your fears, but you shouldn't listen to them.

- Do I like this, Paula?

- You do like this, but you don't like that, Henry.

- You see, I knew it!

If you are looking to recieve more than you give, don't bother giving anything.

- Freedom of expression? Bull-shit! Almost everyone applies internal sensorship.

- What do you mean?

- Didn't you know that farts are air-vibrations without permission to leave the body through the mouth? And although they are hardly understandable, still they are often kept inside.

I’m a gardener and I grow trust

Serious advertising with a twist:

Offered: mental home care for young and old.

I’m specialized in lighting, mirrors and windows.

Quote of Theo Maassen (Dutch stand-up but no comedian):

In the end awareness doesn’t free you.

It only gives you a clear sight upon the walls of the jail you are in.

It’s better to learn little step by little step, knowing where you are going, than taking big leaps and getting lost.

-Sorry I don’t have time.

-That’s odd. Everyday I get 24 hours to spend. How many do you get?

-Well, I mean I can’t.

-Are you being put under pressure by someone? Are you being threatened?

-No, no, I have an appointment.

-And you are stuck with it?

-Yes, I mean, no. Well…., I want to honour it.

-Oh, so you don’t really want to see me?

-Not now, but I could make an appointment in the end of March.

-Which year is that? Are you that busy then?

-Yes, but I do enjoy these appointments and my business, I really do. Could you meet me on the 27th of March?

-Well, who knows? Something might come up. I might try next year to see if we can see each other.

Sorry, would you have the problem to my answer?

Quote of Roberto Benigni (main character in La vita è bella)

I love you and therefore I live. Dying would be the last thing I want to do.

My diseases are allergic to doctors and medication.

Life is short for living love.

It’s better to speak one word from the heart than ten from the head.

The Matrix is contaminated with truth and therefore it poses a threat to the world. Fortunately the film is so realistic, that hardly anyone is taking it seriously.

Quote of a former teacher of mine:

This historian was not hindered by any knowledge on the subject of his book.

Without taking the first step you’ll never get anywhere.

Cherish the present, dream the future.

It’s simpler to change your ways, than to change the way things are.

Whether two elephants fight or make love, the grass will be touched.

Quote Jack Nicholson from Body Heat:

Admirer: I love your books. How does it come you know women so well?

Jack: I take a man and I leave out reason and accountability.

On Sundays in Staphorst the cocks are separated from the chickens. According to Christian fundamentalist beliefs on that day it is prohibited to neither work nor consummate marriage.

I’m sorry if I have hurt your feelings. I won’t become more honest than this.

Bartender at closing-time: Would you be so kind to leave the bar?

Guest: Thank you. We’ll take your suggestion into consideration.

Of course I’m your friend. There is plenty of time to become enemies, if necessary.

Don’t worry. What you didn’t really mean, I didn’t really understand.

This dream costs € 0,33 a minute.

I always lie. You see? I did it again.

- Oh Henry, I love you!

- Don’t worry, it will pass.

I think you are mixing up two misunderstandings.

Quote from Gotcha!:

Freedom is to be free from the need to be free.

Gay-wannabe-statement: Free your ass and your mind will follow!

To keep yourself up to date means: First me, then me, and if there are leftovers, they are mine too.

I live on the interest of my debts… And I even manage to save half of that.


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