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During my world-travel in 1994/95 I started to keep a diary for the first time. I enjoyed recording and digesting my experiences in it. Afterwards I’ve kept on writing. Whether I wrote about drastic life-experiences, problems, or about a philosophical development, writing helped me to pick up the leading thread in order to find solutions and to come to conclusions. It structured my sometimes chaotic mind.

Writing brings me peace, clarity, self-knowledge, insights, personal development and it helps my creativity flow. It enables me to independently work out my experiences and emotions and my contemplations help me to increase my awareness. Writing also has helped me to deepen and develop my own spiritual philosophy, Essentialism, which I’m ready to share with the world now. The process of writing about this comprehensive vision is the greatest challenge of my life until now.

If you are not a philosophical kind of person or you prefer to read an easier, more accessible text with an essentialistic view, I can recommend Vacancy: a lingering Christmas thought. It’s a fresh and meaningful call for the hearty reconnection of mankind to life in general.

I also write Poetry. What I like most about poetry is that I can express in an ultimately free way, messages, feelings, impressions and philosophical wanderings through the brain, with the use of imagery and sound. This freedom and the unnecessity of the burden of proof, nor of the correctness of words, make poetry the ultimate expressive organ, which enables me to live my love for linguistic creation to the full extent.

Another style of writing I have taken up is meant as a laughing-muscle stretching, eye-brow lifting and brain-dynamic increasing creative output. Sometimes I hear, read or say things, which (often accidentally) are more humoristic, funnier, sharper, deeper and more meaningful than you would think at first. I’ve started to collect these kind of creative brain spin-offs in the document: Remarkable quotes.

I’ve written a lot more, but as I write primarily in Dutch, only some texts I translate into English and other languages. Enjoy your reading!


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