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Who am I?

I am Stef van Beek, a 36-year old Dutchman from the province of Brabant. I earned a M.A. in Latin-American Studies, specialised in Development Studies. I am a traveller, an authenticity-coach, and a spiritual philosopher. I am a man with a mission...

My mission is to share my love, at least through my vision, with everyone who is open to receive it. With my spiritual philosophy, which I’ve called “essentialism,” I want to help human consciousness to grow. I want to open the mind of humanity to its own essence and to the awareness that we are all connected to each other and to the whole world. I want to inspire people to take the next step in the evolution of mankind, from ego-centrism to soul-centrism.

I was born in a little village in Noord-Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands in 1974. From the moment I was born, I was a self-wise, sweet, rebellious, naughty and hard-to-handle little boy, with a great sense of justice, who rebelled against all forms of authority and fakeness.

After my involuntary course through primary and secondary school, I went to Utrecht to study and (most of all) party. Obviously, I learned a lot more about life during the next year, in which I travelled through France, Spain, Australia, Southeast Asia, China and Russia.

I learned there was an awful lot to learn from communicating with foreign cultures. So when I got back to the Netherlands, I decided to learn as many languages as possible, enabling me to access many cultures. I enrolled into Latin-American Studies, enabling me to learn Spanish and Portuguese. After four years of studying both languages, Latin-American literature, Film & TV studies, politics and cultural history of the region, I lost interest in the scientific tunnel visions of the different departments I attended. I much rather wanted to broaden my perspective. So I decided it was about time to travel through the continent, to find out what was really important to the Latin-American people and to discover what I could learn from them.

After 10 months of travelling through most Latin American countries, I studied the causes of poverty and underdevelopment in the Third World with Development Studies. These studies broadened my perspective on Latin America and the rest of the Third World. I came up with a subject for my central thesis: the economic and social impact of the dollarisation of Ecuador. Travelling through Ecuador, I had experienced some of the terrifying consequences. So I got curious what kind of impact a monetary measure like that would create on all social and economic layers of the society.

Since finishing my studies I don’t believe any longer in the development scene which I thought I would join one day. Powerful people, whose interests are being served by the poverty of other people, obstruct almost any progress. Even though the intentions of many developmental aid-workers are sincere, their efforts are being frustrated by the cultural gap between the sender and the receiver of aid, by the ineffective visions or methods used by many aid-organizations, or by development-obstructing authorities in the Third World and in the First World.

The Netherlands and most other “developed” countries do have more material wealth than others, but the mental and spiritual poverty I see is terrifying. We are not aware of what we have, of our capabilities, of who we are and of what we really want. I believe that’s why particularly the First World people are dealing a lot with dissatisfaction, emptiness, selfishness, material dependency and loneliness. Through authenticity-coaching (or you can call it self-consciousness-aid) and by writing and talking about essentialism, I now give developmental aid to the Netherlands, so to speak. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to integrate my vision and these activities in an aid-organization which operates internationally.


My goals and ideals

My ideal is the globalization of love, of connection, of freedom and respect. I know that is a lot to ask for of me, being just one person trying to bring this about in just one lifetime. I know this ideal can’t depend just on me. But to prevent disillusions I haven’t made it my goal in life, which my satisfaction depends on. See it as my heart’s desire, which underlies and gives direction to all my goals and activities.

My goal in life is to contribute to the globalization of love as much as I can. I know it takes an enormous, worldwide growth of consciousness in which every human has to do his or her own part. Every day I’m still developing the expression of my message to find better ways to reach the hearts of more people. And by doing so I’m approaching little by little the realization of my ideal.

On this learning-path I’ve already found two means of expression that can serve my goals in life and that suit me very well: writing and conversations.


My passions

First of all, I’m passionate about love in all its forms. I live through love and for love. Love is present in all life. Love is the primal force, the Source from which everything and everyone comes into existence. It’s the reason for an atom to move. It’s the reason for humans to move. Or maybe it’s rather a cause than a reason. Love is a constructive and healing energy. I would define love in the practical sense: to be connected freely. But you should not try to understand love. You should feel it in full consciousness to fully comprehend what it means.

My second passion is essentialism, which is a vision I designed to guide people in their process of becoming more conscious, resulting in finding and connecting one’s self to the Source of existence. In our own essence we all have a connection to this inexhaustible Source of love.

My third passion is consists of the two channels through which my love streams towards the world: writing and talking. Foremost, I write about and on the basis of essentialism. While writing, I get time to express exactly what I mean to say, in a hard to misinterpret way. I’m a linguistic perfectionist and I really love to pass on meaning, or meaningful messages, to other people by writing. Writing is a creative outlet of my essence. Creating makes me happy and thrilled.

I also love to talk about essences and to engage in experimental and adventurous conversations, in which we discover and define essences of certain issues, in order to gain clarity. It can be on any topic and at any level. I do want the conversation to be personal, relevant and useful, although often I can not entirely be the judge of that. It fulfils me if the person I talk to gets closer to one’s self, or closer to an understanding or solution of a problem, as a result of such a conversation. In good conversation both parties grow. These conversations, or authenticity-coaching, is something that comes naturally to me. By engaging in it, I try to show people their inner beauty and to make them feel it.

Another great passion of mine is travelling. Through my travelling through the world, in freedom and with my wisdom-seeking approach, I found a lot of inspiration, which has been essential to the consciousness I have achieved. Travelling has taught me a lot about myself and about life. Now I see life as one big journey through the land of experiences, without feeling the need to keep on leaving.

The last passion I really shouldn’t forget to tell you of, is music. Good music is Art. It comes from the soul and it touches the soul of the one who is really listening. So music is great soul-food. For now I’m mostly a loving listener rather than a musician.


Global Soul Music

Some of my musical heroes are: Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Funkadelic, Sly & the Family Stone, Jimmie Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Herman van Veen and Signe Tollefsen.


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