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I'm back from 13 months in Africa, travelling from Capetown to Alexandria, passing 10 countries on the way. I learned a lot about poverty and the lie of development-aid, as a tool for mantaining Africa's dependency. I've understood the absolute necessity of everyone taking resposibilty for themselves, and why so many people don't take it, if you give them a chance to be and stay a victim.

Some highlights:

Besides the three ways explained below, in which I put my vision into practice, I express my views through all kinds of writings, like: the new Did we get the point of this Summer's violence?, Vacancy: a lingering Christmas thought, Poetry, and Remarkable quotes.

The combination of my philosophical views, my MA in development studies, and my life-experiences, including some travelling through the world, resulted in Global Soul Development.

Trip to Freedom

This trip is a conversation of one hour inside my camper-van in a natural environment. It's an experience of yourself in freedom, that gives you more clarity about your heart's desire, why you haven't put it into practise yet, and where the limitation you feel, comes from. For more info, visit the website for: Trip to Freedom.


Do you want to work on your personal development, growing self-awareness and self-trust, gaining clarity of mind and self-acceptance? So do you want to empower your soul?

Have a look at the section about authenticity-coaching.


If you like to read about my spiritual philosofy (awareness-philosophy), which is the basis of this website? Have a look at the section about essentialism.

Essentialism is the whole picture. Trip to Freedom and authenticity-coaching are ways of working on the essentialisation of your life.


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