Global Soul Cafe: journey around the world in Utrecht

What is the idea?


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For more than ten years I’ve been living in Utrecht, in the centre of the Netherlands. It’s a small city with many cultures, and although there are some multicultural events and exotic parties to go to, they are mostly focussed on attracting students and former students with an interest in foreign cultures. Utrecht’s exotic parties and events comprise: salsa, tango, flamenco, or Balkan music nights, African parties, and reggae-nights. And further, there is a monthly Cultural Sunday: a free entrance (multi-)cultural and artistic event that fills the city with a specific international theme.

And yet something is missing. I miss a multicultural meeting-place, where people feel at home and at the same time, like being on a journey. I miss a free haven where people are invited to take a step outside of their scene, and into this world. Would salsa-dancers not be able to enjoy dancing the samba? Would spiritual searchers not be interested in original cultures? Would Brazilians not appreciate a Balinese traditional music? Would artists not want to travel, and writers not like to dance? I think they might.


What is the idea?

The idea to create Global Soul Café derive from the lack of a enthusiastic, liberating, multicultural, spiritual, artistic/creative, and accessible café where they play live music and where you can dance. A free haven, where you come together and where you can be yourself. It will be a multicultural meeting-place, where you enjoy together your own and exotic cultures. In this way we create real multicultural togetherness. It should be place with a wide variety of cultural expressions from faraway places, where human creativity is being invited to come out, where visitors come to travel through other (sub-)cultures, sounds, colours, scents, tastes, visions, and encounters.

Some of the ingredients of Global Soul Café are:

  • Global Soul Food: an exotic meal of the day, depending on the evening’s theme.
  • Multicultural Parties with a theme: live music, followed by a DJ playing music from the same region or genre as the band.
  • Subcultural evenings
  • Lectures and discussions about (multi)cultural and spiritual topics.
  • Workshops and courses (artistic, creative, musical)
  • Humoristic performances
  • Global Art Films and documentaries



Creating an inspiring and free meeting-place, where to everyone is coming home and where they come to travel. In the end Global Soul Café’s goal is: to reconnect people in a multicultural, spiritual, musical and creative environment.


Up to date

I’ve started to investigate how to realize this idea by writing a concept, and by looking for practical possibilities to make it happen. But after noticing that gathering enthusiast co-entrepreneur, applying for subsidies, getting the necessary paperwork done and finding a place, would at least take 5 years, I decided founding a bar is not my primary goal in life.

But still, if your goal is the creation of a bar of this kind, and you se my idea as a great opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve written a lot more about this idea, so if you want to work together with me, send me an e-mail:


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